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Why Choose Sawblade University?

With more than 300 unique online video lessons, Sawblade University provides a broad yet deep catalog of manufacturing training topics. Plus, every online class has been reviewed and validated by industry experts, and every instructor-led class is delivered by experts that have been carefully vetted to ensure training is delivered by the best in industry.

You can search for training classes by functional area, job role, or business need, allowing you to pinpoint the content and delivery method that best fits your company’s distinctive training requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sawblade University is the number one metalworking training video library. We offer more than 300 unique video lessons ranging from metal cutting to general safety.

Professionals and hobbyists from all ages who use sawing products in the shop or at home will benefit from this program. Every video has been designed by industry professionals to further your technical and practical knowledge. 

You can watch our video lessons from anywhere (smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device).

With your subscription, you will get instant access to our entire training videos library and upon completion of the course you will receive a certification. Included in your subscription are the 4 main chapters (Foundational, Materials, Metal Cutting and General Safety), each chapter contains 8 classes and over 100 video lessons.

Registration for individuals is 100% Free. We also offer a 24 months plan enterprise plan for $499 which includes teacher features that allows you to monitor your students’ progress.

Your certification will be delivered digitally to you upon completion of the certification course.

Yes, thanks to our Enterprise Plan, you can enroll up to 50 students and access teacher features that allows you to monitor your students’ progress. These groups can have any number of courses associated with them, and anyone in that group will be automatically enrolled into the courses. 


Jeremy Cross
The video lessons are well organized and pretty in-depth, I highly recommend it for anybody who wants to learn more about metalworking.
John Turner
I didn't think I would learn so much from Sawblade University, but their videos turned out to be very informative and helped further my understanding of metallurgy.
Dennis Jeffries
I've had my staff sign up for the full program. In our line of work, we tend to emphasize practical training but Sawblade University was able to fill in the gaps!

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