How To Install Your Delta 14 Guide Kit

Whenever you receive your kit, it should include 4 things; your lower guide assembly, your upper guide assembly, your new blade guard, and a set of Allen head bolts to make installation a lot easier. Before we get started, I wanted to make a note that we did take the liberty in taking off the bandsaw table, the blade, and of the course the factory guides. If you need assistance in disassembly of your machine, logon to

Let’s go ahead and get started. First, we are going to put on the blade guard. I want to make a note that if you’ve upgraded your machine with a riser block, you need to get the slided blade guard, that way, you can add your extension on later. To assist us, we’re going to need an 8th-inch Allen ranch.

First, we are going to slide the blade guard up about half way onto the post making sure to loosen up the stops. We’re going to tighten the stops down just until they are snug because we are going to readjust it later. Now, we can put on the upper guide assembly.

Make sure that the stops are loose and slide the cup on to the bottom of the post. Make sure that it’s straight to the front of the machine. Go ahead, and fasten them down. With the upper guide assembly fastened, we can now go ahead and adjust our height for our blade guard. You want about an inch to 3 quarters of an inch to the top of the cup and go ahead and fasten them down. With the upper guide assembly fastened and the blade guard, we can move on to the lower guide assembly.

With the Allen head bolts provided in your kit, start out by assembling the back bolt first That way we can align our guide down. Now, we can put on the front bolt making sure that our guides are horizontal and make sure that they are nice and square. Alright, now we can go ahead and fasten them down.

Now you have successfully installed you’re your guide upgrade kit for your delta 14-inch machine. For reassembly and proper adjustment of your guides, logon to for more instructions

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