How to Change Your Q700 Motor Carbon Brushes

Watch this video on how to change the carbon brushes on your Trajan Q700. Fortunately, carbon brush replacements are one of the easiest Q700 repairs. Austin Zimmerman will save you time and some extra cash by helping you know what to look for and how fix it on your Trajan Q700.

  1. Take and remove the plug securing the brushes. (be careful they are spring loaded).
  2. Remove the old brush.
  3. Unpackage the new brush and place it in.
  4. Set the plugin and tighten it back up.
  5. Repeat the process for the brush on the other side. introduces the next generation of performance cutting; The Trajan Q700 can cut almost any material up to 2″. This Carbide Saw will cut steel without excessive heat, and now cutting box tubing or angle iron has never been easier. The Q700 also comes with a miter to handle your angle cutting needs as well. This machine comes with a Qsaw carbide blade that last up to 20 times longer than abrasive blades.


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