How To Position Material

In this video, Austin from is going to show you the proper way to position various shapes of material in your Trajan dry cutting machine.

Things to take into consideration are material shape, flats, and welded seams.

A general rule of thumb is to reduce the number of flat sections the blade will contact during the cut.

When cutting structural materials like Angle iron it is best to point the legs of the material down at the base eliminating the flats. The same can be said with metal extrusion and track, pointing the legs of the material down will allow for less snagging and a safer cutting experience.

Most tubbing has a welded seam and it is the hardest part of the workpiece. Entry or exit through that section will wear down the carbide tips more than cutting through it horizontally. It is best to point the seam away from the operator towards the back of the machine.

Finally, when cutting flat stock or plate it is best to position the material vertically if the cutting capacity of the machine allows. If not, you can alter the part orientation by sliding a helper underneath reducing the flat.


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