Installing Rubber Band Saw Tires

This video demonstrates how to install a rubber band tire on your bandsaw. First, slide a portion of the tire on to the wheel. Using a zip tie, fasten the tire on the wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock. Then stretch the tire down to the opposite side of the wheel. Using one hand, pull one side of the tire out to the wheel’s rim at a right angle. With your other hand, work the tire over the rim. If the tire is too resistant, use wood or steel levers, but be sure there are no sharp corners that could damage the tire. Repeat for the other side of the wheel. carries an extensive line of rubber band tires as well as urethane tires for all band saws of numerous sizes. They also have upgrade kits. is dedicated to their customers. They understand that losing even one day of productivity can have a drastic impact on a workshop. That’s why offers Next Day Shipment. Employing modern technology and the latest innovations in logistics methodology means that customers can get a new saw blade or a replacement part as soon as possible. We asked the sales department at about the advantages of Next Day Shipment and why it’s critical to the mission.


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